Tuesday, April 26, 2011

American Express discovered that their hiring processes matter. Have you?

Gary Ryan explains how American Express recently changed its hiring processes for its Call Centre. They discovered that they hadn't been treating their hiring processes with the respect they deserve.

Several years ago American Express re-evaluated its hiring processes for call centre staff. Why? Because they realised that their call centre staff were the front line contact for most of their customers. Therefore having people behaving like 'robots' was not going to create the high level of service that American Express both desired and advertised.

You can read an article that appeared on the HBR blog here, posted by Jim Bush,  the executive vice president of World Service at American Express.

Recruiting staff, and developing appropriate processes to ensure that you have the highest possible chance of recruiting the right people to represent your organisation is one of the seven critical elements for createing a high performing organistion as advocated by the OTM Service Strategy.

How are you ensuring that your recruitment processes are appropriate for ensuring that you have the right people representing your organistion?


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