Monday, April 11, 2011

What are your core job responsibilities?

This short video provides some simple, yet effective tips for understanding and communicating your core job responsibilities.

What are the three to six core responsibilities of your job?


  1. Great tip Gary... I have discussed amongst my mates on how should one answer a question like - 'what do you do at your job?'. Well, each of us had a variation of a some what similar answer; which is - it must be detailed but brief while being as accurate as possible. Any response between 30 secs to a minute is what we agreed to be ideal. Anything over a minute tends to be excessive and too much in detail for the opposite person to absorb.
    Compiling four to six key responsibilities from the position description is an ideal answer. This tip was simple and very effective in my opinion.

  2. Vinay,

    Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree with you and your friends - anything over one minute is too long! The beauty about both our approaches is that they help to keep us focused on what we should and shouldn't be doing, which is what really matters!



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