Sunday, May 12, 2013

Do the right thing - even if you are doing it wrong!

The following quote comes from one of my heroes Russell Ackoff, Professor Emeritus of the Wharton Business School. Among the many reasons why I like Russell so much, none the least was that he wasn't afraid to make up words!

"Doing the right thing wrong is better than doing the wrong thing right. If you do the wrong thing right you just get wronger and wronger and take yourself further away from wherever you want to be."

I don't believe that I need to add much more to Russell's statement, other than to suggest that you stop doing any 'wrong things' that you may be doing 'right'.


  1. Gary what a great comment..Now I have to check that I am doing the right thing right!

  2. Thanks Jane,
    The challenge is that often we are unaware of the wrong things that we are doing right. So honest feedback from a trusted source is critical. The same is true for what you may be doing right. Feedback from a trusted and honest source is again critical.